Larry B. Quick: the painter with the sewing machine.

A first glance at one of Larry B. Quick’s pieces and one may not understand what one is seeing.  Looking closer one will see stitches and notice complexity.  Quick’s art is unique.  He paints on canvases, cuts pieces and then sews them together.  What follows is a wonderful story told with meaningful colors and tones.

Larry and I have been good friends for about 5 years and I have had opportunities to photograph both him and his work.  Hundreds of hours have been spent discussing life and the arts.  While he has been a working artist for many years I am confident in the near future you will be hearing and seeing more of the works of Larry B. Quick.  A few samples are shown below.

Larry’s art is a reflection of his life growing up in Washington, DC and was honed by his studies at the Corcoran School of Art of which he is a graduate.

Larry is also known to many in the Washington area as one of the co-founders of Life Pieces to Masterpieces, a mentoring organization for young African-American males.  His life has been as interesting as his art.

Larry B. Quick and new work

Larry and his latest work "No Strings Attached"

Painting No Strings Attached by Larry B. Quick on canvas

"No Strings Attached" by Larry B. Quick

Hill Harper and Larry B. Quick

Larry B. Quick and actor Hill Harper at a mentoring event.

Larry B. Quick painted canvas cut and sewn together

Painting featuring a mother and son.

Lonnie Dawkins Photography

Lonnie Dawkins on Facebook

Is it hot enough for an egg to fry on the sidewalk? Don’t know and it’s too hot to find out!

egg frying on sidewalk

I was trying to think of something to blog about today and thought I would do the “Is it hot enough for an egg to fry on the sidewalk?” thing.  Definitely it felt hot enough in the DC area as it was supposed to be over 100 degrees.  Should have been a no brainer!

First, I was going to just crack an egg on the sidewalk but then I knew I would not want to clean up the mess.   Also one has to think about how one looks trying to fry an egg on a sidewalk.  I knew the trash had not been picked up yet and was wondering what the guys on the truck would think if they happened to come by and whether they would call the men in the white hats on me.  I decided to use an iron skillet and if the men in the truck came by maybe they could just be part of the photo.  Clever, right?

I grabbed an egg, a little oil, some salt and pepper shakers for photo aesthetics and headed outside.  I decided to place the pan on the street as it was darker and appeared to be hotter than the sidewalk.  My guess was that the preheat process needed about half an hour.  I retreated back inside the house but kept an eye on my project.  Upon return I was surprised at how hot the pan had gotten so I went ahead and cracked the egg and watched for a while.  I stayed  outside watching for about 15 minutes and saw that the egg was beginning to cook.  Good for the egg but the heat from the sun was too much for me and I was soaked with sweat. My interest in finding out the fry ability of an egg on a sidewalk had burned to a crisp and at that point it no longer mattered.  End of experiment!

Bottom line.  An egg may or may not be able to fry on a sidewalk in the Washington, DC area on a day like today.  I was too hot to care and I had a mess to clean up.  Plus, I wasted a good egg.

DC Wall Mural Art. Perfect for photo background.

We were looking for location for a shot in Washington, DC.  We found this wall mural on the side of a building in an alley near the Lincoln Theatre and Ben’s Chilli Bowl.  We got some good shots.  This mural has since been removed.  Glad we got the shot.
The model is Keniesha Cook.                      Lonnie Dawkins on Facebook
More wall graffiti in Washington DC

I told you so...

Wall Graffiti in DC

Reach out and Touch

Dupont Circle after dark–Night Photography

Earlier this summer a friend and I went out to capture nighttime images of a popular gathering place in Washington, DC –Dupont Circle. Night fall brings on a whole different mood and beauty. Some people seem more relaxed, some more suspicious – especially of cameras. Nevertheless, if done carefully some great images can arise. Pictures were taken without flash using only existing light.


Fountain--The gathering place


A day in the life of a few everyday people.

Do you see people on the street and wonder what they are doing, where they are heading, what’s significant or happening with them on a particular day?

Well on October 22, 2009 I decided to take my camera and engage people I didn’t know. My plan was to ask them what was going on with them on that day. I went to a park in NW DC and had no success in the morning. I talked to a fascinating man but he would have no part of having his picture taken as he had an issue with the police. (Most of the time I ask people before I take their picture) I gave up and decided to toss the street photographer idea and went to the gym. Coming out of the gym I saw on my cellphone that someone had actually read my Facebook message about my self assigned photography project and was looking to see who I had shot. I had to do something. I ended up driving over to SE near the Potomac Metro Station. There I got better results.

I found 6 people willing to talk but it didn’t seem that anyone was doing much more than just enjoying a beautiful day outside. The closest I got to finding out about a big event was hearing that someone’s out of town friend was having a birthday. I was hoping to get a “I’m getting married tomorrow”, “I’m leaving for Africa in the morning”, or even a “I just got a $50 parking ticket”. True, if I had engaged more people I would have gotten more interesting responses. It is not easy getting strangers to talk to you and then let you take a picture. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t let a total stranger with no press credentials take a picture of me. Would you?

Anyway, on October 22 all seemed to be well in DC. Here are the responses that I got. Thank you to those who chatted with me.



Marley- “I woke up, brushed my teeth, did the basic things that everybody does. I’m heading to a job meeting.”



Adam- “I’m enjoying the weather, slept most of the day. I’m going to a coffee shop to catch up on some online stuff.”



Cecelia- “I just left seeing about a friend. I look after her every Tuesday and Thursday. Now I’m headed home.”



Thomas- “Today is a friend’s birthday — he lives out of town. Just enjoying the nice weather.”



Randy- “Just a regular day. Just skating.”



Bradley- “I’m out and about. Applied for unemployment. Cooking dinner later on.”

Senator Edward Kennedy funeral procession–Downtown Washington, DC

On Saturday, August 29, 2009, Senator Edward Kennedy’s funeral procession traveled slowly through downtown Washington on its way to Arlington National Cemetery. I had the opportunity to capture these images as it passed along Constitution Avenue near 14th Street. A sizeable crowd of people wanting to pay their respects had gathered in this area which is near the Washington Monument. A thunderstorm was threatening and the hour was growing late, but the crowd wanted patiently. They waved and politely clapped as the motorcade passed.

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Hearse carrying Sen. Kennedy as well wishers applaud his life and legacy

Hearse carrying Sen. Kennedy as well wishers applaud his life and legacy

Kennedy family members of different generations, show regard and gratitude for the public.

Kennedy family members show regard and gratitude for the public.

Family members reaching out to acknowledge public

Family members reaching out to acknowledge public

Kennedy processional passes Washington Monument near White House.

Kennedy processional passes Washington Monument near White House.