Civil Ceremony – Wedding Photography

I photograph civil ceremonies in Prince George’s County, Maryland and throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

civil ceremony photography in maryland

bridal couple posing after civil ceremony in Maryland

wedding pose

If you plan to be married at the Clerk’s Office located in the Circuit Court Annex in Upper Marlboro I can meet you there.  Pictures can be taken of the ceremony and at the beautiful lake across the street.  If you are planning a reception or gathering afterwards that photography can also be included.

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Civil ceremony photography in Virginia

bride and groom board boet for reception

Dancing wedding couple

Civil ceremonies can be beautifully captured.

Lonnie Dawkins Photography


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Children Photography – Young lad with braids

young african american male with braids

Handsome youngster with braids.  Photo taken at his family reunion event in July 2015.

Children are always a pleasure to photograph especially when they are like this young fellow. He enjoyed having this picture taken.  He was often nearby ready for another shot.

Do you have wonderful  pictures of your children and family?  If not, contact me by clicking on – Lonnie Dawkins

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Lonnie Dawkins is a portrait and events photographer based in the Washington, DC metro area and is available worldwide.



Saturday Afternoon Slide

What’s more fun than the playground on the first day of fall.  Two boys enjoying the tube slide.    They noticed that I had climbed inside to take a picture.  Not sure if they thought I looked silly or if they were just smiling.

boys sliding down slide tube at playground

boys going down the tube slide at the playground

Lonnie Dawkins Photography

Friday morning waffles

Waffles aren’t really that big a deal to make.  Looking through a cookbook not long ago I found a simple recipe where you just put some flour, a little bit of sugar, some baking powder and salt in a bowl.  Then in another bowl you put an egg, some milk, and some oil and stir.  Next you just have to mix the liquid and the dry stuff and pour the batter on a hot griddle.  Takes less than five minutes.  And it’s cheap.

I did that this morning – a Friday morning and you can see from the look on my tester’s face they turned out great.  He approved.

smiling boy eating waffles

Are you an Eggo only person?  Know anything that’s good and can be whipped up really quickly?

Lonnie Dawkins Photography

Bells will be ringing – Courtney and Terence engagement pictures

Engagement photo shoot with a wonderful couple – Courtney and Terence in preparation for their 2013 wedding.  Session took place in a beautiful garden with gazebo.  The couple was also joined by their beloved poodle – Makeba.

2 hands posed in shape of heart

Engaged couple smiling with dog african american

engaged couple with dog african american

engaged couple kneeling with dog

Couple alone in garden dancing- urban - engaged - African American

More pictures at Courtney and Terence

Lonnie Dawkins Photography

Photographer:  Lonnie Dawkins

Photos: Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial -The Memorial and the People

This photographic essay is about the  Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial and the people who visit it.  The memorial stands out to me because of the peaceful spirit there.  The design of the memorial allows people to get very close to the spirit of Dr. King.   Visitors are invited to touch the roughness of the Mountain of Despair.  From the main entrance they are encouraged to look  through the opening of the Mountain of Despair towards the Stone of Hope.  I found the Stone of Hope which includes Dr. King’s statue to  not be very tall and to give a sense of Dr. King being right there among the people gazing out at them. Also, Park Rangers give very informative and inspiring talks about the King legacy.   I think that a  visit to this great memorial should be on everyone’s list of things to do.

In these images I have intentionally included the people and tried to show their connection and  reverence for Dr. King.

Have you visited the King National Memorial?  What was your experience?

Large crowd gathered and posed in front of Stone of Hope at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Statue of Martin Luther King stands above crowd at National Memorial

man and woman looking at Stone of Hope at Martin Luther King Memorial

National Park Police on horses patrol Martin Luther King Memorial

Man in brown suit and hat poses with raised fist at Martin Luther King Memorial

Man stands above the crowd while taking pictures at ML King Memorial in Washington dc

Wide view of Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Fraternity posing in front of Stone of Hope at Martin Luther King Memorial

Fraternity gathered in huddle in front of Stone of Hope at King National Memorial

Crowd of people on hill looking at Stone of Hope at MLK Memorial

Martin Luther King Jr.National Memorial - crowd of people standing below stature

couple posing in front of King National Memorial

Martin Luther King Jr.National Memorial - child sitting on parents shoulder

Martin Luther King Jr.National Memorial - people taking pictures of the Stone of Hope