Richmond, VA model Darryl Miles in portfolio shoot.

Another photo shoot with Darryl Miles – model from Richmond, VA.  Working on an alter ego project next.  Stay tuned.

Makeup by Vernita Dawkins.               Lonnie Dawkins on Facebook

Model Darryl Miles in blue shirt and jeans

Model Darryl Miles in brown suit

Darryl in suit tie

Model Darryl in gray athletic shirt

K.Nicole- Freelance Artist, Personal Trainer, Personal Chef

K.Nicole Photoshoot last year.

Since our shoot K.Nicole has started a new business promoting healthy lifestyles through nutrition and fitness.   It includes Kitchen Takeovers; Personal Chef service; Custom Work outs; and Personal Training

K.Nicole on Facebook

Makeup:             Lonnie Dawkins on Facebook


woman in brown leopard pattern with dreds and hoop earrings

woman boxer K.Nicole

woman in yellow sweater and dreds in fatigue pattern

woman artist with painting

Lonnie Dawkins is a Maryland Portrait and Event Photographer.

This Baltimore barber is Knowledge!

This is the first in a new series about everyday people who I meet and think have interesting stories.

Today’s person is Charles and he is  a barber in Baltimore but his clients and friends all call him Knowledge.  Get to know him a little better by watching the short video we made where he talks about his passion for barbering.    I learned that there is a lot more to barbering than just cutting hair.

We also shot some pictures as you can see below and I think they came out pretty good.  Hope you agree.

If you are looking for a good barber, check out Knowledge.  He can be reached at 443-751-3062 or by email at

Commenmindz Barbershop & Oasis is located on Woodlawn Drive in Baltimore.               Lonnie Dawkins on Facebook

Baltimore barber Knowledge of Commen Mindz Barbershop & Oasis

Headshot of Baltimore Barber Knowledge

Baltimore Barber Knowledge in black and white headshot

Baltimore barber Knowledge with arms crossed in black and white

Annie King Phillips discusses Scurlock Contribution to Washington, DC photography. Images of Black Washington

Annie King Phillips discusses George Scurlock's photography

Annie King Phillips discusses George Scurlock’s photography

Watch Video

Annie Phillips King a Washingtion, DC native speaks highly of the Scurlock Family of photographers and their contribution to Washington. According to her if your picture was in their window you had arrived or at least knew where the Pearly Gates were.

Photography Tip No. 2: Don’t just stand in one spot.

Shoot from different angles and positions. Sometimes it is better for you to move than to ask your subject to move.

Often people stand in front of their subject and only photograph from that position. Explore your subject from different heights and locations. If photographing a child you might miss a lot if you don’t shoot from a lower angle. Get down on the same level as the child. If shooting a group of people stand on a stool or ladder so that you see everyone including the people in the back rows. You can make a person look taller or shorter from the hieght that you are shooting.

If you shoot from different angles and compose your images from different locations you will find your pictures to be more interesting.


Stop saying you don’t look good in pictures!

Many times I have heard individuals say “Don’t take my picture, I don’t look good in pictures.” Some are nervous just being in the same room as a camera. Are you one of them? Sadly, if you don’t take pictures you and your love ones won’t have pictures of you to share. Everyone wants to have photographs and be able to say “This is my grandma!, This is Auntie when she……, Look at Papa when he was…..” Also you need pictures to put on business cards and pictures that you feel properly represent you. Sadly, many people leave this planet and their loved ones have no images to remember of them. Don’t let your prior experiences keep you from having pictures taken. You should proudly look at pictures and be able to say “yes, that’s me!”

I know some people have had some justifiably bad experiences in front of the camera. Maybe the person taking the picture did not know how or didn’t care. There are some people who want to catch you in a bad light or doing something crazy. Then they have the audacity to show them to people who don’t need to see them. Certain people need to be photographed in a particular way. There are ways to pose, angles to shoot from, and lighting setups to make people look taller, shorter, thinner, etc. For professional portraits good makeup is a must for adults. It is flattering and it evens out skintones while covering some blemishes. Other blemishes often can be removed while still keeping a natural look.

I too am very particular about who takes my picture and what they are going to do with it. I feel that I should control where my pictures should be seen. When I am behind the camera, I realize that at first I need to take the time to build a rapport and trust with the person sitting. I take several pictures just to “warm up”. After a while there is a connection and the time is ripe for some great photography. Sometimes even the warm up pictures are wonderful. Pictures that aren’t good are immediately discarded.

As a photographer one of the things I love best is engaging with someone who hates to be photographed and show them how wonderful they look in pictures. It has happened time and time again. I am highly honored that an aunt who truely disliked having her picture taken now gladly sits still, smiles and allows me to photograph her. Her pictures are beautiful.

So forget about the past. Get in front of the camera and allow your friends and family to photograph you. Also have some professional pictures taken and have them printed large. Frame them and show them off in that special place in your home. You will be surprised how wonderful you will look! Plus, your family will have the beautiful images of you that they deserve.

I hope you will contact me and allow me to photograph soon. Don’t put it off.